Muscle health is the breakthrough to living with vitality and decreasing your risk of disease..
A patented protein synthesis to help you build stronger muscle and optimize your health!
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Experience Greater Energy, Recovery, Performance and Endurance
Initially developed to stop, restore and prevent muscle loss in astronauts and bed ridden seniors, MyoHealth contains a perfectly blended mix of all nine Essential Amino Acids, which have been proven in human clinical trials  to help support muscle strength and function through the process of stimulating protein synthesis.
MyoHealth contains the first, US-patented, Essential Amino Acid complex clinically proven to support muscle strength and function.With 24 independent, human studies and $20 million in research combined with findings from NASA and National Institutes of Health, Myohealth contains the right balance of essential amino acids to help you reverse and prevent muscle loss.
MyoHealth Essential Amino Acid Complex
The patented formulation found in MyoHealth has been proven to be more effective at stimulating new muscle growth than:
whey protein
hormonal/testosterone therapy
pharmacological therapy
nutritional therapy
Dr. Robert R. Wolfe’s undergraduate studies were at the University of California, Berkeley, and he completed his Ph.D. degree at UC Santa Barbara’s Institute of Environmental Stress. Dr. Wolfe served as a faculty member at Harvard Medical School for nine years.
Dr. Wolfe has received a number of awards and invited lectureships in recognition of his work. He received the Herman Award from the American Society of Clinical Nutrition for his career contributions.

He has published over 452 peer-reviewed research articles, 126 review articles, three books, including the major reference source in the field of stable isotope tracer methodology and has 5 patents. His papers have been cited 50,663 times (h index= 122), and 16,423 (h index =65) since 2011.
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I have been taking TriVita products now for over 17 years. I started on MyoHealth when the product was release 2 years ago and as the video states,  I have seen amazing results.
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