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Hello my name is Bobby Brown, I have taking Anovite Colostrum6 for many years. I have found in my many years of life just how important your brain health truly is. As research into brain function grows ever more sophisticated, we’re learning that it is possible to re-wire our brains for maximum efficiency. In precisely the same ways our muscles utilize protein to grow and increase work output, so does the brain require powerful nutrients and enzymes to evolve and become more powerful.
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Your brain is the most vital organ and supports everyday things you do, including your ability to think, learn, reason, create, problem solve, imagine, decide, or plan. You should start and end every day thinking about how well you have tended to the health of your brain, whatever life stage you are in. It is just as essential to measure, monitor and maximize your brain fitness as it is to measure, monitor and maximize your physical fitness. In fact, more can be done to keep your brain healthy than any other part of your body. In the past ten years brain scientists have discovered much more about how the brain works, how to improve brain health and performance over time, and how doing so contributes to overall health and well-being. Join us in making sure your best brain years are ahead of you.

Seismic6 Super Food For Your Brain
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The Seismic6 Advantage

Experience Flow State

Dive into the Zone, amplify prodcutivity and creativity.

Supercharge Brain Function

Solve complex task with lightning speed and percision.

Enhance Cognitive Adaptability

Dive into the Flow State: Effortlessly solve problems without distractions
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                      Gut Brain Health Connection
Did you know your digestive system has a “second brain” that influences your mood, immune health, and even behavior? The enteric nervous system (ENS) is a network of more than 100 million nerve cells that line your gut and communicate with your central nervous system (CNS). When your gut is out of balance, it can trigger emotional and physical health shifts. That’s where GB6 comes in.Marine Algae Superfood, Lab-Certified 6-Hour Colostrum, Plant-Based Fiber, Gut Restorative Peptides:, Advanced Pre, Pro, & Post-Biotic Blend:
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Change You Gut - Change Your Life

Why Drink BC6  Bovine Colostrum

If you have any questions or concerns regading any of the above products, please feel free to contact me anytime. My contact information is listed below..
My favorite products are Seismic6, Gutbiome6 and Colostrum6 in powder form. My son loves Flex6 when he works out and uses Seismic6 during his work hours . My wife  takes Colostrum6 chews daily for her brain and immune health.
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Do You Have A Protection Plan In Place? We Do With Anovite Colostrum6
Bovine Certified 6 Hour Colostrum6  Super Food - Optimum Brain Health
It's called... LIFE’S FIRST FOOD... and it’s hundreds of times richer and more condensed with over 700+ nutrients, immunity and growth factors… than regular mother’s milk.
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LeptiTrim6 - Colostrum6 For Weight Loss
LeptiTrim6 is one of the most effective and healthful weight-loss products available today. The LeptiTrim6 SYSTEM with Colostrum has been specially designed to take off inches and weight while improving body health. This comprehensive system was created to reset your metabolism allowing for permanent weight loss.

The LeptiTrim6 SYSTEM includes Daytime Capsules, Nighttime Formula and chocolate and vanilla meal replacement shakes. It all works together helping you synergistically lose weight naturally. Easy and fast!

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Powder -Night Time Weight Loss

Today’s lifestyle is taking a heavy toll on our health. We are experiencing higher stress levels and more toxicity than our parents or even their parents did. Yet, our nutritional intake is far from optimal levels. Everyone from your kids to baby boomers can experience positive results from using LimuZ6 on a daily basis. Your body will thank you!
LimuZ6 put in any liquid is highly absorbable and has an immediate delivery into the system because of the isotonic technology. Why? Because it has the same level of electrolyte balance as we have in our blood, so it is pulled into your system. It is the fluid of life so to speak!
LimuZ6 is the first nutritional product which focuses on (4) four major systems of the body; Endocrine, Nervous, Immune and Pineal. While working on the major systems with focus, LimuZ6 also works on the two (2) underlying issues; pH balancing and heavy metal/toxin removal.

LimuZ6 is packed with 700+ nutrients; IGF-1 Superfamily, Immune Factors, and Essential Glyconutrients/Fatty Acids/Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients, and Antioxidants. LimuZ6

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Protect Your Pets With Anovite Colostrum6
Anovite Colostrum6 For Your Pets
Our furbabies are important members of our families. Their love and affection is a treasured part of our lives. Our fur babies deserve the Anovite advantage. We know there is a direct correlation between health and the quality of nutrition. Most dog and cat foods offer minimal positive supplements to their diets. The primary ingredient consists of grains. The results, our pets suffer the effects of obesity and loss of energy. Our pet lines are designed to help your pets achieve a healthy boost to their immune system with added minerals, vitamins, and mineral supplements.

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Protect Your Child This Cold & Flu Season!
Colostrum6 Strawberry Tablets are cold pressed colostrum for kids! They taste just like "Sweet Tarts" of old! Remember, you may have to hide the bottle as kids don’t think of them as supplements but as candy! Taking 3 twice every day provides 1,200 mg of colostrum helping to keep the little ones healthy.

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