Colostrum... Nature's Perfect Food
It's been kept a secret until now...
Throughout human history…
... ancient and native cultures including the Egyptians and Romans have depended on the miraculous and life generating power of Colostrum for survival, vibrant health, and longevity.
First - What is Colostrum?
Colostrum is a highly concentrated pre-milk liquid super-food produced by ALL mammalian mothers before birth and shortly after birth before it turns to milk.
It's called... LIFE’S FIRST FOOD... and it’s hundreds of times richer and more condensed with over 700+ nutrients, immunity and growth factors… than regular mother’s milk.
Think of Colostrum as a baby's FIRST PERFECT MEAL.. outside the womb.
In fact… baby animals that DO NOT consume Colostrum within the first day or two of being born… up to 85% do not survive.
Those that DO... thrive.
It’s never TOO LATE for you or your children to consume Colostrum… it makes us all smarter, healthier, and less prone to illness… no matter what age we are.
Where does most Colostrum come from?
Cows are the UNIVERSAL donors of Colostrum..Amazingly… Colostrum from cows, known as bovine Colostrum, can transfer its 700+ natural nutrients to humans and our pets.
Colostrum from cows is 100-1000x times more powerful than human Colostrum Bovine Colostrum is identical in form, composition, and function to human but more powerful
The immune and growth factors in cow Colostrum have been verified in lab analysis to be identical in molecular structure to humans.
What are just some of the benefits of Colostrum?
Brain Function
Natural HGH to support Muscles, Bones, and organs
No side effects or interactions and much more...
Everyone can benefit from colostrum - infants, children, adults and even pets. More and more medical doctors and PhD research doctors prescribe colostrum for health care, immunity, and healthy aging in this scary, ever changing world of ours.
If there was just ONE REASON why you should try Colostrum what would that be?
Because it has been proven and backed by science for decades.
There are more than an estimated 172,000 PUBLISHED studies and related articles showing that Colostrum is indeed nature's most complete natural whole super-food.
And… Ayurvedic physicians and sacred healers in India have for thousands of years used Colostrum for both mind and body. In this scary, ever-changing world... EVERYONE can benefit from Colostrum.
Wouldn’t you want the benefits of such a SUPER-NATURAL-FOOD for you and your kids, family, loved ones, Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, and pets…?
Anovite Colostrum6
What makes Anovite Colostrum different?
Verifiable, Pure, 3rd Party Certified 6 Hour Colostrum
Sourced from happy, healthy, grass-fed, USDA Grade A Cows
Formulated by the world’s leading colostrum expert, Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith PhD
Over a million satisfied customers worldwide
Featured in 130+ Editorials in the Healthy Living Magazine
Recipient of the People’s Choice Award & Reader’s Award (People’s Choice award won in 2012, 2013, 2016, 2018)
Backed by 30 years of Research and Development
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Anovité Colostrum6 is the most potent, powerful, effective form of Colostrum on the planet.
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